Monday, July 13, 2009

Reviews, posts, and such

  • A great review of Leaden Skies showed up on Library Manager/Book Reviewer Lesa Holstine's "Lesa's Book Critiques" blog right here.
  • I have a writer's tip up on Dana Mentink's "Lift Me Up" blog right here.
  • Interview, Q&A style, on Novel Journey right here.
  • The "One Book, One Community" program at Leadville has started! First up, an exhibit of Bob Calder's artwork. Wonderful paintings ... I have a couple of his notecards I picked up a while back.

And ... a reminder: The Mysteriously Missing Author's Note for Leaden Skies is available for download from my site, right here. Look under the Leaden Skies cover and click on the Author's Note link for a pdf.

I'll be bringing chapbooks of the Author's Note to all my signings for anyone who wants one.